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Rose Eternelle / Eternal Rose
Les murmures de l'Ocean / Ocean's whispers

Ophélie Duchemin

Plume Blanche

#RewritingTales #LittleMermeid #BeautyandtheBeast

Betrayal & conspiracies
Destiny leads Méliane to the roots of the Mérilara, the mysterious tree covered of roses, keeper of the fallen royal family. In the shadow, the Beast prowl, but Méliane must learn to tam him to save her close ones.
“He looks like a predator. Dangerous and wild, but there is something else, something undefinable.”


At the time when the voice of the ocean was torn from her, taking away her innocence and naivety, Ayleen once again treads the earth of Men, ready to do anything to find those who destroyed her existence. But when fate leads her back to Eric, the one she has been running from for so long, the heart of the abyss is about to rise in a funeral song, threatening to destroy everything she is... even her soul.
"A whisper rose from the depths. Bewitching, beautiful, overwhelming. A song that enveloped her like a dream from another world..."


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French Audio



Love and be loved in return, or you will know the abyss of loneliness forever.

"Monster! I will erase your existence. You have the heart of a beast, a beast you will be."

«So, the author’s writing is really masterful. The universe and the story are improved, but that’s not all. This pen brings a magnificent message of love, as powerful, if not more than the original story. The latter is also rewritten with an accuracy rarely found in story rewrites, especially since it is probably even better than the original: the romance is quite powerful, but other values are highlighted, illustrating other essential facets of real life, something important in YA literature.» - Avis Babelio

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