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Léätitia Danae

Plume Blanche

#BestSeller #Fantasy #Orient #Family #Young Adult


Rozenn is a djinn. For many years, her kind suffered from the domination of the dagnirs, but if slavery is abolished, freedom still has a bitter taste. What if a royal union could help to get over this painful past? The djinns have their blood, the essence of their power, taken by the dagnirs. Envy, fear? The dagnirs did all they could to maintain the djinns submissive. Rozenn, princess, had to meet the Sultan’s sons and find a husband to help their people overcome their differences. But once in the capital, she realizes that the Sultan is not ready to give up his ascendancy over the djinns. She will have to swim between plots, lies, but one thing is sure: she will do everything to free her kind.



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Mass Market Editions


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"Deep down, we are not so different from each other. Two legs, two arms, one heart. Why enslave your fellow man when together
we could do wonderful things to make our world a better place?"

"To be like me is to lead a life of uncertainty mixed with fear and fierce resentment. Discretion has become second nature to my people. And for what? To escape from vicious beings, greedy for what they can only obtain by force. Nothing else."


"What a treasure It’s been a long time since I’ve read such good young adult fantasy! From the very first pages, I was caught up in this oriental universe where seduction, manipulation, slavery, magic and secrets are mixed together. The atmosphere, worthy of the «Thousand and One Nights» or the sagas «Rebel of the desert» and «An ember under the ashes», bewitched me!" - Babelio

"I love the first volume of Rozenn which offers us a thrilling and complex plot, a well elaborated universe and colorful characters. I can't wait for the next part of this excellent duology. I definitely fell under the spell of Laëtitia Danae's enchanting writing. Original, immersive and addictive."

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