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Sandra Trinamé

Plume Blanche

#Fantasy #Witch #History #Trial #Amnesia

1692, Salem, Massachusetts, USA. Accused of magical practices, many people are put to death. Innocent or guilty? Who really deserved the gallows? In the present day, while Max narrowly avoids death, she is plagued by dreams that all seem to come from a distant time when witchcraft and demons haunted the imagination of ordinary people. What connection can Max have to a centuries-old trial?


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The crops were ruined? Blame the good Lord. A child got sick? Blame the Good Lord. People killed or enslaved their fellow human beings for a simple difference in skin color or creed? Again, the Good Lord's will. Which, in the end, made this heavenly and all-powerful character somewhat unsympathetic! Land, money and power, that's what motivated the human hope since the beginning of time. Their God was only an easy excuse behind which they shamelessly hid to accomplish their little basenesses. An idol, of course, represented in their image, in order to assert their authority over the weakest and most ignorant. All children of God, as long as they are born on the right side of the fence and preferably white

« Sandra Triname paints a rather negative portrait of humanity (greedy for power and money) but oh so true! She has managed to make her characters endearing and the exchanges between the protagonists are fluid and natural. We discover the truth at the same time as Max and the author keeps the suspense until the end.» - Babelio’s opinion

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