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Melissa Scanu

Plume Blanche

#Fantasy #Fantastic #Children #Sirenes 

Fey has never felt comfortable on land, the sea floor has always held her attention... When she has just lost everything, she discovers that she is not human, but seirens. Now, she dedicate her life to understand why did she live on Earth, when she could have lived under water with her kind.



Rights Agreements


"I must be a mermaid, I have no fear of the deep and very afraid of a life without depth."

For us, these are only legends, but we still have certain customs. For example, before a fishing trip, we have the custom to greet the statue of Njörd. He brings good luck at sea and good fishing.


«To summarize, this book is a real favorite and a very nice discovery. I enjoyed discovering a story of Seirens different from what I already knew. It’s a nice story that made me spend a good time in the company of Fey, Arthur and Fillius.»

La magie des livres

"The universe created by Melissa Scanu is tasty. I enjoyed the descriptions of Renatia and Lamynte, which were in keeping with the discovery of the characters. These passages allowed me to immerse myself in these worlds and the illustrations that dot the book are the little extra that speaks to us. At first glance, the Renatian world and the Lamyntian world seem antithetical. One is clear and bright, the other murky, raw in a way, but also endowed with a rare capacity of attraction. From this opposition arises one of the strengths of the novel: the reader and Fey wonder what is hiding there, lurking in the darkness... Perhaps it is there, finally, that the answers lie? Under the surface, far away, hidden under a veil of darkness that must be lifted." Babelio

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