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Semblables / Alike

Julie Jodts

Plume Blanche

#Fantasy #YoungAdult #Destiny #Sister

Mia and her twin live in a world where birth order determines their place in society. When the first born must become a soldier, the second is allowed to love and start a family while the rest of the siblings must find a job and help society. But on her wedding day, Mia learns that her sister was in a coman then died. It is then up to her youngest daughter to become a soldier. To save her, Mia decides to leave her husband and pretend to be her dead sister. But the war is very different from what she imagined.


Rights Agreements



"In our tribe, we never speak of duty, but of destiny. For a long time, the nuance seemed to me to be tiny and debatable, yet I understand its complexity today. The difference lies in one word: fate. As small as it may be, it changes everything, because if you can escape your duty, your destiny, irrevocable, remains stuck to your skin, like a shadow"

"You never get used to being someone else. Every day that passes, I feel a part of me disappearing forever. Every day that passes, I feel a little less alive."

«Julie’s writing is really addictive, she keeps the reader in suspense with the elements she distills here and there, allowing us to make hypotheses and she leaves us in an unbearable expectation at the end of this first volume since Mia finds herself surrounded by unknowns, with fragments of answers that leave us really hungry and raise more questions than anything else. I really got attached to the characters and to the universe, even dreaming about it (the power of the unconscious) and I’m waiting with great impatience to know the continuation» - You Can Read

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