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Soleil au ventre / Sunny Belly

Jean-Baptiste Dethieux

Editions l'Alchimiste

#Children #Autism #Friendship #Difference

Paul says strange things to himself, often and especially today, because it is a special day. He is starting his first year of school in 4th grade and has changed schools. Like everything new, this event paralyzes and fascinates him. It’s like being born again, he says. Most children are born once and for all when they come out of their mother’s womb, that’s understood. This one is different. He feels that it will take time or several tries to really be born, because Paul is so different from other children. He only hopes that this will not be seen too quickly, but he knows that this is futile, because Paul is not only Paul. He is Paul, the child suffering from a handicap that is called with a very curious name, Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism...


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This testimony in the form of a novel tells the story of Paul, a young autistic child. The subject is complicated because it is so difficult to understand autism. But here, the author beautifully transcribes it from the inside (the child's point of view) as well as from the outside (seen by his parents, his teacher, his friends). He does this with a beautiful accuracy and benevolence. A nice testimony to discover.

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